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Yuri Arcurs

  • Do you have what it takes to become the World’s next top Stock Photographer?
    The world’s highest selling Stock Photographer, Yuri Arcurs, is hosting his fifth Elite Academy Program with the purpose of producing the most talented and competent photographers in the world. This privately funded program runs for two years, wher…
    - 8 Jan 16, 8:59am -
  • A closer look at Adobe Stock
    My name is Yuri Arcurs, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the world’s top selling stock photographer and founder of I have spent the last 10 years as a stock photographer and I´ve worked with over 100 stock agen…
    - 12 Oct 15, 8:29am -
  • Biggest Discounts Ever on – Worth a mention!
    We are currently running the biggest promotion ever – get double credits! So if you know anybody that buys images, now would be a good time to hint it to them.
    - 19 Aug 14, 11:41am -
  • Shooting 30000W Flash on Location to Light up a Fighter Jet
    What started as a heated in-house discussion about flash speeds ended up becoming a rather BIGGGG experiment…      
    - 14 Nov 13, 3:59pm -
  • Are you, or do you know, our upcoming COO?
    A new COO for our Cape Town productions Our current CEO (Kasper Ravlo) of Yuri Arcurs productions of 80 employes in Cape Town will be leaving us for a position in the main holding company in Denmark. This means that we have the opportunity to offer t…
    - 12 Sep 13, 6:15pm -

Ellen Boughn

  • Changes


    Going forward I have written exhaustively about various aspects of photography and summed up the topics I covered here and during my years writing a corporate blog for dreamstime in a book published several years ago. Since then I have spent the majo…
    - 12 Nov 14, 12:41am -
  • STUCK! Creative sink holes

    STUCK! Creative sink holes

    What to do when your brain has turned to mind slush and all creative juice is part of the frozen mix?
    - 1 Mar 14, 2:08pm -
  • New Directions

    New Directions

    New directions from a creative advice blog to more legal and business themed posts.
    - 28 Jun 13, 12:00am -
  • The Economy. Where are you today?

    The Economy. Where are you today?

    It’s been over two years since my first post here. I’m updating with new copy and replacing images  since the disaster that removed photos from all the posts. When the following appeared in December, 2009, some photographers were just beginning…
    - 2 Mar 12, 4:02am -
  • Stop Making These Photo Portfolio Mistakes!

    Stop Making These Photo Portfolio Mistakes!

    Here are the most important lessons from my years of looking at portfolios prepared by successful professionals, serious amateurs and students: Real Estate: Use all the space you have when showcasing images. Nothing is more a waste of money than tiny…
    - 2 Mar 12, 3:53am -
  • Technically Speaking-Reasons Photos are Rejected

    Technically Speaking-Reasons Photos are Rejected

    Last week I posted about some of the major reasons that photos are rejected due to subject, composition or cropping issues. This week, hold on to your photoshop hat as we go over the common technical mistakes that cause photos to be refused by inspec…
    - 7 Feb 12, 1:23am -
  • Where have all the photos gone?

    Where have all the photos gone?

    There are zillions of photos taken every week all over the world…but sadly all the images on my posts have vanished. Maybe they missed me and went back to Dreamstime and Shutterstock since I have neglected my blog for months? In any case, apologies…
    - 3 Feb 12, 8:04pm -
  • Photographers are lousy editors

    Photographers are lousy editors

    Is there a way to prevent photographers from including a few losers in their portfolios?
    - 20 Jul 11, 8:36pm -
  • A dog and cat tale-professional pet photography

    A dog and cat tale-professional pet photography

    Whether you want to photograph cats and dogs for commercial clients or set up a business shooting consumers with their pets, these tips will help you get super photos of pets.
    - 2 Feb 11, 12:29am -
  • World Models

    World Models

    Casting models requires that the photographer look beyond the blond and beautiful as business becomes more global and diversity requirements increase for photos in specialized markets like textbooks.
    - 6 Jan 11, 9:07pm -

John Lund

  • A Rooster Crowing A Dawn Stock Photo

    A Rooster Crowing A Dawn Stock Photo

    A rooster crowing at dawn makes a great stock photo for illustrating the concepts of new beginnings, getting started, and important announcements.A Rooster Crows At DawnWhen any of think of a rooster crowing we immediately picture a rooster, crowing…
    - 54 days ago, 13 Dec 16, 5:50am -
  • The Power of Simple And Stock Photography Success

    The Power of Simple And Stock Photography Success

    A simple image with a clear and strong message is one of the keys to successful stock photography.Power In SimplicityThere has always been power in simplicity, and now more than ever, simple images are one of the keys to success in stock photography.…
    - 29 Apr 16, 4:43pm -
  • 5 Questions For Stock Photo Success

    5 Questions For Stock Photo Success

    Connection, networking and communications technology shown in an image that is easy to crop, has room for copy, and has visual impact results in a successful stock photo.A Best Selling Stock ImageSince I created this image of a woman with the top of…
    - 25 Apr 16, 3:07pm -
  • Anatomy of a Concept Stock Photo: Ideas

    Anatomy of a Concept Stock Photo: Ideas

    This light bulb brain draws on the iconic symbol of ideas and creativity but gives it added power with the new twist of making it into a brain.Iconic Symbols In A New LightThe tried and true symbols that have been embedded in our collective subconsci…
    - 23 Apr 16, 5:00pm -
  • Creativity And New Approaches In Stock Photography

    Creativity And New Approaches In Stock Photography

    Big data, communications technology, and streaming data are all illustrated by this photo of streaking lights and binary numbers.Consistent Styles, Creativity And FunOne of the best things about stock photography, for me, is the opportunity and rewar…
    - 19 Apr 16, 6:50am -
  • Roller Coasters, Business And Stock Photos

    Roller Coasters, Business And Stock Photos

    A roller coaster filled with screaming business people hurtles down a track in a humorous business stock photo.Roller Coasters And BusinessLike roller coasters, businesses have their up and downs. The Stock market certainly has its ups and downs. Eve…
    - 17 Apr 16, 4:13am -
  • A Changing Stock Photo Strategy For Success

    A Changing Stock Photo Strategy For Success

    In a social media overload image a woman's head explodes into individual people portraits.The Changing Landscape Of Stock PhotographyWith the disappearance of Corbis, somehow being swallowed up by Getty without being bought by Getty (huh?), the conti…
    - 15 Apr 16, 5:53pm -
  • Anatomy of A Social Media Stock Image

    Anatomy of A Social Media Stock Image

    This "Social Media" stock image has over 200 individual, model release portraits montaged into one dynamic photo.Social Media ImagesOver the last several years I made quite a few “Social Media” and “Social Networking” images. This particular…
    - 9 Apr 16, 3:24am -
  • Anatomy of a Stock Image #1

    Anatomy of a Stock Image #1

    Cloud computing and communications technology are both illustrated by this image of vivid streaks of colored lights cutting through high altitude cloud formations.Anatomy Of A Stock Image #1This is the first of a series of blog posts I am undertaking…
    - 3 Apr 16, 12:40am -
  • New stock photo website and 25% off

    New stock photo website and 25% off

    New curated stock photography from BLEND IMAGES, a new website, and 25% off licensing fees for a limited time...better check it out!Need images for print, web use or social media campaigns? Tired of the same old stock photo sources?There is a stock p…
    - 28 Mar 16, 1:55am -
  • 3 moves for stock photo success

    3 moves for stock photo success

    More than ever stock shooters need to value quality over quantity, and search is fast becoming more important than the quantity of content.Search Is KingWord on the street is that buyers are increasingly turning to boutique stock sites where they can…
    - 25 Mar 16, 7:31am -
  • New Streamlined Rights Managed Licensing

    New Streamlined Rights Managed Licensing

    A new approach to Rights Managed imagery offers a simpler and streamline approach to licensing imagery.A Simplified Approach To Rights Managed ImageryWe all hate paper work and complexity, and Rights Managed imagery has a reputation for being complex…
    - 18 Mar 16, 10:07pm -
  • Ideas, The Biggest Stock Photo Challenge

    Ideas, The Biggest Stock Photo Challenge

    Ideas, The Biggest Stock Photo ChallengeMy biggest challenge, as a stock photographer, is coming up with ideas that I believe are both needed in the marketplace and are different or better than what is already available. I believe that there are an u…
    - 30 Jan 16, 7:12am -
  • Shooting Stock For Whats Hot

    Shooting Stock For Whats Hot

    A virtual or digital assistant is represented in this stock photo seeking to cash in on hot concept.Creating Imagery That Is In DemandPart of succeeding as a stock photographer is in creating imagery that is in demand…and ideally, images that are b…
    - 17 Jan 16, 2:45am -
  • The Important Stock Photo Question: What Else?

    The Important Stock Photo Question: What Else?

    In this image about creativity, ideas and imagination, a light bulb, released from a cage, rises up to a sky filled with the rays of the sun.An Evolving Approach To Stock PhotographyThe way I have approached stock photography in the last few years ha…
    - 25 Dec 15, 7:57am -
  • Hot Water, Kickstarter And A Beautiful Photo!

    Hot Water, Kickstarter And A Beautiful Photo!

    This beautiful water image has been created as an exclusive reward for $1.00 backers of our HydraQuik Kickstarter campaign.Wow, it has been a busy couple of months gearing up for our HydraQuik Kickstarter campaign, which goes live in just a few minut…
    - 10 Dec 15, 2:42am -
  • Kickstarter Video-A Lesson Learned

    Kickstarter Video-A Lesson Learned

    Chris Faber of Faber Productions shooting motion of John Lund for his HydraQuik Kickstarter video.Kickstarter Video And A Lesson LearnedThis past week we put together a kickstarter video for a project my brothers and I are doing (a product that gets…
    - 30 Nov 15, 9:49pm -
  • Photography, Entrepreneurship And Kickstarter

    Photography, Entrepreneurship And Kickstarter

    Luka Esenko ascends a ridge on the island of Socotra off the coast of Yemen, tripod and camera on his shoulder.SNAPP Guides For Photography DestinationsA friend of mine, Luka Esenko, and Jules Renahan, have launched a Kickstarter project creating SNA…
    - 24 Sep 15, 2:44am -
  • Something Personal-Connections, Visibility And Fun!

    Something Personal-Connections, Visibility And Fun!

    Personal work is essential to a successful commercial career, and the APA/SF's Something Personal Exhibition offers visibility and a wealth of connection opportunities...if you enter!Something PersonalWay back when I started my professional photograp…
    - 16 Sep 15, 3:07am -
  • Water Issues In A New Stock Image

    Water Issues In A New Stock Image

    Water issues such as recycling, conservation and allocation are a growing area of need for stock photo producers.Water IssuesWater issues, such as water recycling, water management, and water allocations are huge and getting bigger. Think about the m…
    - 7 Jun 15, 8:44pm -
  • An Artificial Intelligence Stock Photo

    An Artificial Intelligence Stock Photo

     An image about artificial intelligence, future technology, and brain research.Future Technology And Artificial IntelligenceFuture technology and artificial intelligence are not only fascinating, at least to me, but potentially a great stock image s…
    - 22 Mar 15, 5:43am -
  • The Top 80 Trends In Photography For 2015

    The Top 80 Trends In Photography For 2015

    The "Trend" is up as illustrated in this stock image of an urban high rise scene in which the buildings form an upward pointing arrow. It is up to you to have a plan that makes your own trend and upward one!Photography Trends of 2015Amos Struck of St…
    - 15 Mar 15, 7:54pm -
  • Creating A Stand Out PR Image
    This humorous photo of a young boy riding his bicycle down an elephant's back was created to fulfill the need for a PR image for a bicycle company that would stand out from the crowd. I think we succeeded!Just put together this image for a friend, Je…
    - 28 Feb 15, 8:30pm -
  • Creativity, Money And Stock Photography

    Creativity, Money And Stock Photography

    Creativity, money, and stock photography, a presentation on stock at the San Francisco Apple store by John Lund.On Thursday the 19th of February, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm I will be giving a talk at the Apple store in San Francisco. The title of my talk…
    - 2 Feb 15, 3:31am -
  • In Appreciation Of Blend Images Stock Agency

    In Appreciation Of Blend Images Stock Agency

    This photo created for Blend Images could well be a metaphor for the support and community offered by a new breed of stock agency.­­In Appreciation Of Blend ImagesBlend has just announced their spring creative meeting that will take place in Miami…
    - 27 Jan 15, 7:54am -


  • Flickr Joins 500px As Stock Agency. Is Instagram Next?
    We knew it was coming but it wasn’t just the expectation that made the announcement from Flickr such an anti-climax. The declaration that the photo-sharing site will now provide its own way for members to license their images, following the end of…
    - 6 Aug 14, 4:37pm -
  • How To Sell Your Photos If You Shoot: Landscapes
    So you like to shoot landscapes. When the weekend rolls around you like nothing more than to pack up your camera and head to somewhere pretty and photogenic, a place filled with trees and dappled sunlight or snow and rocks. You probably already have…
    - 14 Jul 14, 10:28pm -
  • Will 500px Prime Give Photography Enthusiasts Money For Their Art?
    500px, the artistic photo-sharing platform, might just be about to launch a new revolution in stock photography. Prime, the site’s licensing arm, officially opened on April 3rd following a soft launch that started shortly after the beginning of the…
    - 8 Apr 14, 10:21pm -
  • How To Shoot A Million Dollar Selfie
    Ellen DeGeneres was probably overplaying Bradley Cooper’s photography skills when she called that image the “best photo ever.” But the #Oscar post that broke the record for the largest number of retweets on Twitter might also have broken anothe…
    - 11 Mar 14, 2:10pm -
  • It’s Not Travel Photography, But Photographing Travelers May Be Photography’s Next Big Thing
    Photography: Paola Colleoni On a trip to Paris with her best friend two years ago, Nicole Smith did what everyone does on vacation. As she and her friend stood at tourist sites, she would take out her phone, hold it at arm’s length and snap a few s…
    - 23 Feb 14, 4:44pm -
  • Women To Get A Stronger Image In Stock Photography
    The stock industry is about to change. We’ve heard that before but this time the change, if it happens, will be positive, affect content rather than distribution and will give new opportunities to photographers to shoot not just more images but mor…
    - 18 Feb 14, 3:17pm -
  • 8 Steps To Better Photography Sales
    Moving from photography enthusiast to a photography enthusiast whose pictures earn money doesn’t just take talent, skill and effort. It takes talent, skill and the right effort. Here are eight things that you need to be doing right now if you’re…
    - 27 Jan 14, 7:02pm -
  • The Top Shared Professional Pictures On Social Media in 2013
    It’s nice to get paid for an image but if you can’t get paid for an image, you can at least get praised for it. Through social media, that’s easy. Build a following, put up a great picture and watch those likes, shares, views and comments flood…
    - 2 Jan 14, 5:18pm -
  • The Changing Face Of Photopreneurialism
    For a while at least, photography enthusiasts who wanted to make a little money from their photos, had it easy. Or at least they had it easier than they used to have it. Not only had the prices of professional-quality digital cameras fallen to an aff…
    - 30 Dec 13, 5:36pm -
  • Strange Photography Classes You’ve Never Considered
    Sure, you know all about f-stops and composition. You’ve taken classes on lighting and landscape photography. But there’s a lot you don’t know — and a long list of photography classes and workshops that you’ve never even considered. Here ar…
    - 1 Dec 13, 3:37pm -
  • Your Biggest Photography Fears (And How To Beat Them)
    - 18 Nov 13, 11:36pm -
  • Instagram Stock Sites Struggle, Art Sells
    Backed by Facebook, Instagram is now the main platform for shooting and sharing. With more than 130 million members, 45 million images uploaded each day and a billion daily likes spreading those photos across accounts, Instagram is the most important…
    - 1 Oct 13, 12:31am -
  • Documenting Poverty Brings a Career and Recognition for Bangladeshi Photojournalist
    Photography: GMB Akash Few photographers will have started with the odds stacked so highly against them as GMB Akash. Born in Bangladesh, Akash had no access to photography galleries or darkrooms when he was growing up. There were no opportunities fo…
    - 21 Aug 13, 3:00pm -
  • Even the Best Photography Enthusiasts Have Their Limits
    It doesn’t matter how much talent a photography enthusiast might have, what equipment they own or how comprehensive their technical skills, there are a number of jobs that they’re just never going to land. When it comes to the biggest, the most l…
    - 7 Aug 13, 3:43pm -
  • How Good Are Your Photoshop Skills?
    Photographers who want to improve their landscape photography, to pick up some new wedding photography techniques, or to learn how to shoot children are spoilt for choice. Search on Google for a “photography workshop” and you’ll get more than 6…
    - 30 Jul 13, 1:20pm -
  • Photographers to Get (Small) Reward for Their Creative Commons Images
    Image courtesy: Dotspin Someone is benefitting from your Creative Commons-licensed images, and it probably isn’t you. Sure, you might get a little thrill out of knowing that you’re helping a designer with a small budget (or a blogger with no budg…
    - 15 Jul 13, 6:50pm -
  • Toy Photography Lets Hobbyists Work While They Play
    Chris McVeigh didn’t reach paid photography through any of the usual routes. He didn’t study photography, didn’t work as an assistant and he didn’t even have photography as a goal. His background was in writing for technology magazines and pr…
    - 10 Jun 13, 10:35pm -
  • Make Time and Create Networks to Develop Your Photography
    Photography: Bruce Myren Full time professional photographers complain about the competition from enthusiasts who don’t count their overheads. They worry about finding their next client, spend more time than they’d like on paperwork and marketing…
    - 2 May 13, 12:09pm -
  • When Mobile Photography Beats Traditional Photography
    - 18 Apr 13, 2:46pm -
  • iStockPhoto Founder Re-Creates Two-Tier Stock Industry
    When Bruce Livingstone launched iStockPhoto thirteen years ago, he split the stock industry. For the first time, enthusiasts — people with no connections to the photography industry, no professional training and no experience of creating for a mark…
    - 10 Apr 13, 9:21pm -
  • Create a Portfolio That Shows the Photographer as Well as the Photographs
    When it comes to telling their own story in images, photographers often struggle. While their photos and galleries may be memorable and unique their websites and portfolios are too frequently dull, derivative and, to a buyer who sees one slideshow af…
    - 2 Apr 13, 3:12pm -
  • Legal Photography Nightmares — and What They Mean for You
    It’s not just photographers and social media fans who like Instagram; lawyers love the photo-sharing site too. After Instagram announced a badly-written change to its terms of service that would apparently have allowed the Facebook property to sell…
    - 13 Mar 13, 4:04pm -
  • A Passion for Wrecks and Images Give a Photography Enthusiast a Second Career
    Image: Pongsatorn Sukhum Pongsatorn Sukhum was on his way to becoming a professional photographer. A long-time camera enthusiast, he took a year off college while studying in the UK to work in a studio that shot advertising photography. He then moved…
    - 28 Feb 13, 7:20pm -
  • Pinterest Beats Paid Advertising for Wedding Photographers
    Wedding photographers who aren’t using Pinterest are missing an important opportunity to both inspire current clients and to win new brides. That’s the opinion of a number of leading wedding photographers who have turned to the picture-heavy pinb…
    - 14 Feb 13, 5:18pm -
  • Microstock Photographers Plan D-Day Boycott After Getty Gives Away Images Through Google
    Contributors to iStockphoto are planning to pull their portfolios from the microstock site following the discovery of a new distribution agreement with Google. Users of Google Drive, the search company’s cloud-based productivity app, can now insert…
    - 29 Jan 13, 7:33pm -
  • Sell More Than Your Photography Skills
    In an environment as competitive as the photo industry, photographers need all the advantages they can get — including specialized knowledge. Expertise in f-stops and exposure times is pretty common and while talent might be rarer, there’s no sho…
    - 14 Jan 13, 8:36pm -
  • Shoot as an Amateur, Show Like a Pro
    Photography: Gavin Hookway When it comes to getting their work noticed, professional photographers have all the breaks. They have the best equipment, the time to practice and perfect their skills, and the contacts that can put their portfolios in fro…
    - 7 Jan 13, 4:41pm -
  • What I Learned Looking for the Perfect Photo
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re pointing the lens on your iPhone at a sunset or shooting in a studio with a Hasselblad H4X, you want the same result: a perfect picture. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice enthusia…
    - 27 Dec 12, 5:17pm -
  • Merry Christmas Flickr, Love Facebook
    Flickr couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. Starved of affection, uninvited to the social media party and left behind by more fashionable rivals, Flickr has been in desperate need of a reason to celebrate for a long time. That its gift…
    - 21 Dec 12, 3:46pm -
  • What it Takes to Give up the Day Job and Become a Professional Photographer
    It’s never easy to swap a perfectly good salary for the much riskier life of a freelance photographer. It’s even harder when the job you’re ditching is as stable and in demand as a systems analyst — and the kind of photography you’re moving…
    - 8 Dec 12, 3:22pm -
  • Profitable Photography Promotions
    Any successful business will have a steady stream of customers but the best businesses also shake things up by using promotions. Sales, contests and giveaways open new channels and attract customers who might otherwise have gone elsewhere. That’s a…
    - 30 Nov 12, 2:08pm -
  • Remembrance Photography Helps Families to Heal
    Image courtesy: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep In February 2005, photographer Sandy Puc’ received a call from Cheryl and Mike Haggard. The couple wanted her to photograph their baby. Maddux  had been born with myotubular myopathy, a condition that pre…
    - 23 Nov 12, 1:51am -
  • Photographers Still Making Sales on Flickr
    When Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo, “the internet” responded with an appeal to “Please make Flickr awesome again.” The Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site was seen as having lost its way, leaving mobile to Instagram and photo showcasing…
    - 10 Nov 12, 1:58pm -
  • The Most Valuable Photography Subjects (and How to Sell Them)
    Your ability to make money as a photographer doesn’t just depend on the kit in your bag or the quality of your eye. It’s also connected to the choice of images you shoot. Some subjects will always pay more than others — sometimes a lot more. He…
    - 4 Nov 12, 10:28pm -
  • Make Black and White Wedding Photography Your Unique Sales Point
    Photography: Kevin Mullins In the last few years, we’ve seen photographers push unique sales points by offering reportage wedding photography that drops the formals for shots taken on the run, and Trash the Dress photography that gives brides a cha…
    - 28 Oct 12, 12:19am -
  • How To Make a Photo Trip Pay
    Photography is an expensive hobby, and it’s not just the lenses and the lighting gear that will empty your bank account. Take a day to drive to the sea, to the woods, to an abandoned building or to a city to load up on images and you’ll have to p…
    - 18 Oct 12, 10:43pm -
  • Lessons in Success from a 12-Year-Old Bird Photographer
    Photography: Lorenzo Rohani It’s a cold frosty evening on the open mud flats of Boundary Bay, Canada, and bird photographer Lorenzo Rohani is quietly adjusting his camera to capture a Snowy Owl perched fifteen meters in front of him. The birds are…
    - 11 Oct 12, 2:10pm -
  • Strategies for Licensing Your Own Images
    Photography: Andrew Brooks With photography stock dominated by two exclusive agencies and microstock so saturated that sales figures rarely now cover the cost of an image’s production, photographers hoping to sell licenses need new ways of deliveri…
    - 4 Oct 12, 2:12pm -
  • The Most Important Facts You Need to Know About Photo Buyers
    Breaking into the photography market should be simple: photo editors at magazines, art buyers at ad firms, designers at marketing firms all need images. If you can shoot a beautiful picture that meets one of their needs all you have to do is swap per…
    - 27 Sep 12, 4:38pm -
  • Double Your Passion by Shooting Railroad Photography
    Photography: Steve Barry The car might have beaten the train as America’s vehicle of choice but when it comes to photography, it’s hard to beat the allure of an old locomotive. Whether it’s the appeal of giant pistons and wheels, a fascination…
    - 22 Sep 12, 4:28pm -
  • Shooting a Great Picture Takes Time… and So Does Selling It
    Once you’ve developed your talent, honed your skills, loaded up on the equipment and filled a hard drive or two with folders full of beautiful, well-shot images, you’ll be ready to start putting your pictures in the market. But the market might n…
    - 13 Sep 12, 8:08pm -
  • Referral Programs That Really Work
    There are lots of ways to bring clients into a photography business but ask an established photographer where they get most of their orders and the answer is often referrals. It’s not unusual for as much as 90 percent of a wedding photographer’s…
    - 6 Sep 12, 3:23pm -
  • Using Email Marketing to get More Photography Jobs
    One of the more surprising results in Photoshelter’s Buyer Survey was the number of buyers who reported looking for new photographers in their mailboxes. No less than 44 percent of the survey’s respondents said that they turned to email pitches t…
    - 30 Aug 12, 1:01pm -
  • Freelancers Need to Be More Than a Photographer
    Photography: Sara Rosso Photography enthusiasts starting to earn money from their images eventually find themselves facing a difficult dilemma. They have to decide whether they should give up a day job that gives them a steady income in favor of a fr…
    - 23 Aug 12, 1:52pm -
  • YouTube Fails to Bring Sales for Photographers
    When you’re looking to sell photography services, you know you’re going to need a website — and ideally one that’s free of Flash, easy to browse and contains an impressive but select portfolio. You might also want a Facebook page, either for…
    - 15 Aug 12, 6:27pm -
  • Smartphones Let You Capture the Moment — and Sell It
    The camera you use to take your pictures affects the pictures you produce. That’s especially true when the camera is far from the studio, held in your hands and embedded in a mobile phone. Those images — the spontaneous shots snapped by an iPhone…
    - 8 Aug 12, 3:59pm -
  • Want to Cover the Olympics as a Photographer? Forget About It!
    Photography: Peter J. Dean If you’re hoping to take your DSLR with you to London to watch the Olympics, shoot some pictures and perhaps make a few bucks by selling them… there’s a good chance you’re going to be out of luck. Just as you won’…
    - 2 Aug 12, 4:50pm -
  • What Marissa Mayer Should Do to Make Flickr Awesome (again)
    It didn’t take long for the appointment of Google executive Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO to ignite hope in the hearts of Flickr lovers everywhere. Entrepreneur Sean Bonner bought and used the domain to appeal not for a more f…
    - 26 Jul 12, 1:26pm -
  • Photographers Fight Over Charity Donations
    When Kelly Lindsay was asked to donate to a charity auction in 2011, the seniors photographer from Boston, MA, saw no reason to refuse. Although she had been asked to contribute to charities before, this time the request came through a friend who was…
    - 19 Jul 12, 1:22pm -
  • What Buyers Want from Photographers
    Photoshelter, an online portfolio site, has been asking clients the question that’s always on photographers’ minds: what do they want from us? The company’s fifth annual survey of photo buyers, a collaboration with Agency Access, a photography…
    - 11 Jul 12, 3:29pm -

Rasmuss Rasmussen dot com

  • Little Victories
    - 54 days ago, 12 Dec 16, 5:27pm -
  • Game in a Day: Procformer Infinite
    I like to set challenges for myself. Self-imposed, often timed challenges is a great way to learn new things, or experiment with different ideas. I find that it’s a great way to learn new concepts or test theories you might … Continue reading →
    - 75 days ago, 21 Nov 16, 5:52pm -
  • Game Prototype: COMBATIVE
    Cross-post from my Patreon account. I signed up for #1GAM, to motivate myself to be as productive as possible. The challenge is to present 1 Game a Month, at least a prototype – which I wanted to do in 2016 … Continue reading →
    - 26 Jan 16, 5:03pm -
  • Word Count Based Writing with SpurtWriter
    Creative writing exercises are great for writing and as a general imagination workout. I’ve long been a fan of working with some kind of constraint, which can often help guide creative projects. Recently, I saw someone on Twitter, talking about ……
    - 31 Dec 15, 1:05am -
  • Inspiration and Game Prototyping
    TL;DR: Get feedback on your projects, right from the prototype stage, and listen to inspiration when it presents itself. I was watching The Walking Dead, when I had the idea for a game, where you are surrounded by increasingly large … Continue read…
    - 18 Nov 15, 8:03pm -
  • Procrastinating a Milestone
    - 7 Jul 15, 3:44pm -
  • Story in Game Design (2/2)
    This is part 2. Part 1 is about story in video games in general. I have split this post in two, but could have just as easily filled the pages of a book. Incidentally, there are already many excellent books … Continue reading →
    - 26 May 15, 3:08pm -
  • Story in Game Design (1/2)
    Story is a huge topic, and there is no way to cover it all in a single blog post. I have split this post in two, but could have just as easily filled the pages of a book. Incidentally, there … Continue reading →
    - 22 May 15, 9:40pm -
  • Start testing, already!
    With any creative project, you’ll need someone to take a fresh look at it and provide some qualified feedback at some point. This applies to game design, architecture, movie making and any complex creative undertaking. Even small-scale testing will…
    - 1 May 15, 3:13pm -
  • 6 Tips for Game Localization
    Torgar’s Quest is my first title to be published in other languages than English. I am stoked and nervous at the same time, because seeing my game in other languages is just awesome, but in my day job I work … Continue reading →
    - 7 Jan 15, 8:26pm -

Thoughts of a Bohemian

  • newThe next big frontier
    At a recent DMLA panel I organized, Craig Peters, COO of Getty Images, pointed out that the vast majority of image consumption happens in places where images are not licensed. Which is true: People spend more time on various social media sites than a…
    - 1 day ago, 3 Feb 17, 6:15pm -
  • Content is no longer king, the platform is
    For most of the 80’s and throughout the early 2000’s, the recurring motto in the stock photo industry was “It’s the content, idiot”. Key to any growth of photo agencies and successful career of any photographer was the ability to offer g…
    - 23 days ago, 12 Jan 17, 3:42pm -


  • Stage vacature Productieplanning
    De Vraag Wij zouden ons team graag uitbreiden met een ouderejaars student(e); een creatieve doener met HBO (denk)niveau, voor de ontwikkeling en planning van commerciële foto – en video producties. De Opdracht Het takenpakket omvat: Analyse van i…
    - 17 Aug 15, 2:36pm -
  • Top 10 2013

    Top 10 2013

    2013 was a busy year for Corepics, with a few huge highlights. We not only moved into a new office at “De Compagnie“, but also pulled off a record-breaking production of 25 shoots with 40 models in a 4 day streak during the summer, producing over…
    - 1 Jan 14, 11:16pm -
  • Chique Classique

    Chique Classique

    In preparation for our major event, in a few weeks time, (see here and here) we expanded our team with Floris Koch, who will be in charge of production overview, as well as shooting the making-of video. All we needed to do is familiarise him with our…
    - 31 Jul 13, 12:58pm -
  • Underwater Trials

    Underwater Trials

    One of the biggest challenges for our huge production in Belgium, this summer, will undoubtedly be the underwater shoots. For the occasion, we rented an ikelite housing for our Nikon D800 and a port for a 17-35mm f/2.8. On July 25, we took the gear o…
    - 25 Jul 13, 12:42pm -
  • Our new office

    Our new office

    We’ll be changing address, and moving to a new office, in a shared businesses facility building. With the interior design completed, this bright and colorful location will be a new inspiration. The office planning is currently underway, and we have…
    - 15 Jul 13, 8:22am -
  • Spirit Single Handed Trans Atlantic Crossing

    Spirit Single Handed Trans Atlantic Crossing

    Spectacular Trans Atlantic Sailing Footage! Our model and friend Jac Sandberg has just returned from completing a life-time dream: sailing across the North-Atlantic ocean in a single handed race. All by himself, he raced from Plymouth, UK to Newport,…
    - 11 Jul 13, 7:56am -
  • On the Beach with Hannah in Seattle

    On the Beach with Hannah in Seattle

    It seems like a paradox: Warm, Sunny weather on a Beach, and Seattle. But it checked out to be reality. Making every minute of my trip to the Pacific North West count, I organised a short, leisurely, shoot with a lovely model. The weather sure was ni…
    - 22 May 13, 1:05pm -
  • ZeroHero


    ZeroHero is our first 2013 challenge. We wrote a short story, to be filmed and produced by us.  ZeroHero is about a low life, no-good punk somewhere in the suburbs. Always in trouble with the police, nowhere to hide, his aggression peaks. He’s sli…
    - 2 Apr 13, 6:14pm -
  • Playing Poker
    Every forthnight, on monday evening, we organise a small video shoot. We usually tackle common themes. This time, got out the baize table cloth, a few cards and some poker chips. In a studio environment, we shot 15 clips in a one hour time span  The…
    - 26 Feb 13, 11:34am -
  • Logistics
    Logistics themed editorial series of stock footage. A warehouse and container terminal. With the European economy in shambles, this niche fills a gap for a wide array of uses. Please note, these videos have been reduced in size, to minimise load- and…
    - 8 Feb 13, 9:28am -

Microstock Experiment

  • Some tips on footage distribution

    Some tips on footage distribution

    TweetSending  footage to stock agencies can be a daunting task. Beside the amount of data to transfer, filling out file description on each website is  time consuming.  Even with a high speed internet,  uploading one movie  to several agencies c…
    - 3 Mar 14, 11:24am -
  • Time-lapses POV

    Time-lapses POV

    Every now and then I snap with my tablet or cell phone few pictures of my time lapse setup. In this post I selected several shots taken on  location. If you click on the picture the corresponding clip will open in a new window. As you can see it o…
    - 28 Mar 13, 8:20am -
  • 11 Beautiful Subway Pictures

    11 Beautiful Subway Pictures

    TweetAs a traveler, it is always a new experience to take public transportation. Subways especially are often a good playground to take candid shots, compose graphic pictures or play with motion blur.  Tripod are generally not allowed but small ones…
    - 13 Oct 12, 4:31am -
  • Microstock portfolio trends since 2009

    Microstock portfolio trends since 2009

    The end of the year is coming soon and  I wanted to share some trends I observed for my portfolio  since  2009. I uploaded regularly (every month) but less in 2012 compared to 2011 and a lot less compared to  2010 to focus on footage and right ma…
    - 13 Oct 12, 4:23am -
  • New microstock distribution tools
    TweetDistribution is  very important in  stock photography and a  quite  time  consuming task. when uploading to multiple agencies.  Isyndica lead the way but unfortunately closed down in 2010. Since then   some new tools are available either…
    - 11 Aug 12, 5:11pm -
  • Q1/Q2 microstock results

    Q1/Q2 microstock results

    TweetDear readers, you will see some changes in MicrostockExperiment earning reports: I decided to stop my month to month reporting to go ahead with a   quaterly update  as it is less time consuming and add more visibility. To make it easier to re…
    - 5 Aug 11, 7:43am -
  • April 2011 earnings

    April 2011 earnings

    TweetHighlightsApril photo sales were 25% down from last March  which follows the trend observed also last year. Audio and video had  another BME, both combined taking 30% of  total earnings.PhotoShutterstock finished number one, very far from its…
    - 3 May 11, 3:08pm -
  • March 2011 earnings

    March 2011 earnings

    TweetHighlightsMarch was a good month with decent photo, video and audio sales with the respective following split between media: 81%, 14% and 5%.PhotoShutterstock finished  number one once again, only few dollars away from a BME,  Fotolia and Isto…
    - 5 Apr 11, 7:03am -
  • February 2011 earnings

    February 2011 earnings

    TweetHighlightsA slight drop in earnings compared to last month with  photo earnings more or less the same than  last year at the same period, video seen a slight increase and audio taking for the first time more than 5% of total earnings.PhotoThe…
    - 2 Mar 11, 8:28pm -
  • January 2011 earnings

    January 2011 earnings

    TweetHighlightsThis first month of the year was pretty good with a significant increase of sales in photo, video and audio compared to January 2010.PhotoNo BME to report this month. SS finished first, quite far away from  Istock and Fotolia. Sales a…
    - 21 Feb 11, 5:03pm -
  • 12 Graphic Food and Drink Background Pictures

    12 Graphic Food and Drink Background  Pictures

    TweetFoods and drinks can made amazing  abstracts and backgrounds, even a simple pile of spaghetti or a  glass of beer on the counter. I made in this post a compillation of my most interesting  food and drink backgrounds  in this post, enjoy your…
    - 15 Jan 11, 5:55pm -
  • December 2010 earnings

    December 2010 earnings

    TweetHighlightsDecember earnings were quite stable compared to last month and 9% up compared to December 2009. Distribution between media  changed slightly this month with audio (5%) earned more than video (1%), pictures accounted for  the remain…
    - 6 Jan 11, 6:53pm -
  • November 2010 earnings

    November 2010 earnings

    TweetHighlightsEarnings show a slowdown from previous month although the big4  are still holding with respectable earnings. No video sales to report so royalties are split between photo (97%) and audio (3%). Reporting by media    PhotoOnce again…
    - 6 Jan 11, 6:25pm -
  • Free High Definition Screensaver

    Free High Definition Screensaver

    TweetChristmas is at the door, so I decided to put on line for my readers a relaxing and soothing screensaver made from a HD video I recorded this year in a Buddhist temple in Asia. You just have to download the file (71 MB), copy it somewhere on yo…
    - 21 Dec 10, 12:07pm -
  • Multimedia Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

    Multimedia Tour of  Downtown Los Angeles

    TweetLos Angeles, second largest city in the United States stretches on an amazing 80 kilometers from north to south.  As a former New Yorker, the first thing that struck me  is that everybody has its own car and drive it even within walking distan…
    - 8 Dec 10, 6:51am -
  • October 2010 earnings

    October 2010 earnings

    TweetHighlightsThe end of the year slow down did not kick in yet as earnings this month were very close to numbers in September which was  my best month of this year. Photo is always the best earning media (89%) followed by video (7.5%) and audio…
    - 25 Nov 10, 5:00am -
  • Journey in Malaysia: video and photo slideshow
    TweetI am inviting you on a  Malaysian journey  through the cities of  Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang and Cameron Highlands.  In this 20 minutes slideshow, you'll be given an opportunity to admire the architectural beauty of the Petronas Towers, w…
    - 16 Nov 10, 5:42am -
  • Between Day and Night: Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

    Between Day and Night: Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

    TweetEveryday between 6.30 and 7.30 pm, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia indulge us with a magnificent show. If you patient enough, you will see the towers turned from gold to black or even sometime to deep red.Below are three timelapse v…
    - 27 Oct 10, 6:53pm -
  • September 2010 earnings

    September 2010 earnings

    HighlightsTweetAs expected, sales picked up as often microstock sales reach a peak in September and this month was not exception being  a BME in both Photo and Audio. Compared to last year at the same period, microstock photos sales are up  30% whi…
    - 4 Oct 10, 5:55am -
  • Petronas Twins Towers Photos and Videos Gallery

    Petronas Twins Towers Photos and Videos Gallery

    TweetKuala Lumpur Malaysia is the home of the Petronas Twin Towers. Completed in 1998 and topping at 451.9 meters, these towers were until 2004  the tallest building in the world before being surpassed by Taipei 101. To this day, they remain the tal…
    - 2 Oct 10, 8:31am -
  • May 2010 earnings

    May 2010 earnings

    TweetHighlightsAfter a slow April, earnings increased sharply for all medias: videos and audio had  their BME. Overall , earnings were  not higher than March 2010 (DepositPhoto upload bonus skewed the results). Photo is still the largest media in t…
    - 2 Oct 10, 8:17am -
  • August 2010 earnings

    August 2010 earnings

    TweetHighlightsAfter a slow first half, microstock photo earnings ended up being  26% higher than  last year. Video sales were dissapointing  and audio sales were stable giving the following splits between medias: photo (96%), video (2.6%), audio…
    - 2 Oct 10, 8:06am -
  • Subway Ambiences

    Subway Ambiences

    TweetClick on one of the audio tabs to start your journey........ 
    - 2 Oct 10, 8:01am -
  • July 2010 earnings

    July 2010 earnings

    HighlightsPhoto sales slowed  down considerably compared to last month but a BME in video and few audio sales boosted  earnings. Video sales this month accounts for  20% of total earnings and  audio 1.5%.Reporting by mediaPhotosMicrostock earning…
    - 10 Aug 10, 3:57am -
  • June 2010 earnings

    June 2010 earnings

     HighlightsEarnings for this month  of June were very uneven among medias. Photos had a BME and both videos and audio sales were very poor taking as photos alone took 99.2% of total earnings. For microstock photos alone, earnings increased 33%  co…
    - 9 Aug 10, 6:07pm -